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Hydra Facial Plus - $179   Series of 3 $400    Series of 6 $800

New!  launch date 08-15-13 power facial to transform your skin.  Microdermabrasion exfoliation to smooth your skin, reduce fine lines, lighten dark spots and firm your skin.  Nourish freshly exfoliated skin to a dewy finish with a Hydra wand serum infusion.  We cusomize your serum to create a one of a kind facial experience.  

We can customize a Hydra Facial Plus for Acne skin, Brightening and smoothing skin texture, superior hydrating for dry skin or a Vitamin Cocktail for mature skin.  

Caribbean Dream Facial - $85

A tropical citrus & rose scrub with a gentle yet exfoliating lactic acid peel to remove built up surface layers uncovering smoother skin, relaxing deep hydration massge finished with a super rich vitamin mask to nourish and plump up the skin.  Excellent choice for mature skin.  

MicroDerm Facial - $125

The Deep Exfoliation of Microdermabrasion paired with a full purifying facial,  pore extractions, circulation stimulating massage, free radical fighting vitamin rich mask & serum to hydrate. 

Microdermabrasion  - $75   Series of 6  $382  save 15%

Machine exfoliation to remove dull dead outer layers of the skin forcing new cells to the surface.  The diamond tip wand exfoliates the skin while suctioning away cellular debis.   Suction action stimulates firming collagen and elastin cells as the diamond wand exfoliates the outer layer.  Multiple treatments can remove dark spots, firm and tone, diminish fine lines, smooth the skin texture, diminish acne scars and clear clogged pores.  

Papaya Mini Facial - $45

In a time crunch? Go for the beauty basics. Deep cleanse, enzyme scrub & a circulation stimulating facial massage. 30 Min.

Glycolic Peel - $55

Quick non iritating Peel with natural fruit acids.  Remove dull surface layers, even out skin tone, smooth texture, reduce fine lines and stimulate collagen production.  Add it to any facial for extra exfoliation or do it alone for a quick skin refresher.  

Facelift  Peel -  $85  Series of 3 Peels $229  save 10%

Lets get serious.  This jessner chemical peel produces a quick dramatic result.  Skin will slough and peel away over several days to reveal a smooth firmer complexion.  Lighten dark spots, remove fine lines, increased collagen production firms, reduce pore size and uncover a glowing new you.  Recovery period is 5-10 days, skin will be chapped and peel like a sunburn for several days, avoid direct sun exposure.  Additonal layers for deeper exfoliation add $25 a layer.  

Smooth and Clear Facial - $85

Great for clogged pores or problem skin. deep cleansing, extra extractions and a purifying tea tree mask to get breatkouts under control.  Uncover a smooth clear complextion. 

Clear Skin Peel - $85   Series of 3 Peels $229  save 10% 

Problem skin? Clear it up with this intense salicylic acid peel. Shrink & clear pores, exfoliate, smooth & reduce sebum production for a clearer complexion.   Skin will be tight and slightly pink for 24hrs.

Tropical Touch Facial - $59

A custom blended, personalized facial with a skin analysis, cleansing,enzyme peel, massage, extraction serum, and mask with a relaxing facial massage. Great facial for a good cleaning and a little relaxation.

Vita C Firming Facial - $85

Drench your skin in repairative vitamin therapy.  Fight free radicals and give your skin a dose of healing vitamin therapy.  Papaya Enzyme scrub, with antioxidant Vitamin A and E lip and eye treatment, relaxing facial massage, pore clearing extractions and a firming collagen mask. Revive your skin.  Nourish over 30 skin. 

Vitamin Eye & Lip Treatment - $20

Delicate areas need extra care.  Add this vitamin A,C,D & E  serum and mask to revive eye area. Exfoliate dry lips and then drench them with a vita c lip balm treatment.  Can be added to any facial.

Rejuvination Facial - $85

 Dry skin ?  This is the facial for you.  Remove dull dry layers and nourish your dry skin with a  renewing enzyme exfoliation, vitamin wash serum, deep penetrating moisture heated facial mask, relaxing facial massage, balancing moisturizer and solar block.  

Harvest Facial - $90 

The bounty of the Harvest comes togther in this antioxidant facial.  Enzyme rich Pumpkin and Cranberry wisk away dry dull skin cells and deliver a heavy dose of free radical fighting vitamins.  A warm pumpkin paraffin facial mask delivers needed moisture deep into the skin followed by a facial massage with a vitamin cocktail sure to deliver a glowing complextion.  


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