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Beautiful nails take a little commitment. A monthly manicure and weekly maintenance at home can produce dramatic results. New advances in cuticle treatments, nail strengtheners and protective topcoats make it possible to have gorgeous natural nails.

We offer tiered pricing on all our spa services.  A spa tech to fit any beauty budget.  A technicians price level is determined by years of experience and the demand on thier time.  Our busiest staff members are usually those with high levels of experience and skill. Rest assured due to our spa training program we can offer you a skilled tech at every price level.   

Seascape Manicure - from $24

Cleanse the nail bed, push and nip loosened cuticle. Smooth & file nails as well as hydrate & push cuticle. Massage hands & arms to increase blood flow. Apply nail strengthener, polish, protective top coat & cuticle oil.  

Shellac Manicure - from $29

Seascape manicure with new Shellac gel polish.  Instantly dry, no smudge, no kidding !   Super high shine lasts for up to 2 weeks.

Seascape Citrus Spa Manicure - from $30

Fragrant citrus oils infuse this heated hand exfoliation treatment, great for dry skin and cuticles. Manicure with full nail care and polish included.

Seascape French Manicure - from $30

Elegance natural looking manicure with a stylish french polish. Full nail care & hand massage included. 

Mango Paraffin Manicure - from $30

Pamper dry rough hands with a warm Mango Paraffin dip to soften and hydrate your skin. Heated mitts penetrate the moisture rich mixture which contains aloe, lanolin and essential oil blends. A full manicure with polish is included. 

Little Princess - $40.00

Pamper the flower girl or young ladies in the group with a petite pedicure and mini manicure.scape Manicure. 

Mini Manicure ( polish change) - $16

quick fix for chipped polish includes filing, cuticle push, polish and cuticle oil 


Full Set  from $49.00
Full Set Pink & White from $65.00
Fill  from $29.00
Pink & White Fill  from $39.00
French Polish  $10.00
Shellac Polish  $10.00
Gel Full Set  from $50.00
Gel Fill  from $29.00
Nail Art   from $5.00


Chocolate Mint Pedicure - from $50 

Indulge your senses with a chocolate mint sugar scrub, extra callous serum for smoother feet and a moisture rich peppermint foot mask, finish up with a chocolate creme foot massage. Full nail care and polish included.  

Island Citrus Pedicure - from $60

Deluxe pedicure with full nail care, exfoliating citrus scrub, Mango Paraffin, callous buff & extended foot massage. Super hydrating for dry skin.  

Magic Mud Pedicure - from $50 

Full Seascape pedicure with an added Canadian moor mud soak and foot mask. Relaxing aromatic scent calms you as the Canadian moor mud relieves soarness and swelling. Full nail care and polish included.  

Mango Paraffin Pedicure - from $50 

Everything our Seascape Mango Pedicure has to offer with an added moisture rich paraffin dip. Warm paraffin & heated booties deliver moisture deep into the skin. Great for dry cracked footsies. Full nail care and polish. 

Seascape Pedicure - from  $40  ( $39 special first visit ) 

Custom blended with your choice of essential oils, fragrant foot soak, salt glow scrub, callous buff and relaxing foot massage. Full nail care and polish included 

Shellac Pedicure - from $50 

Our seascape pedicure wiith new shellac gel polish, instantly dry ! no smudge !  Polish stays super shiny and chip free for weeks. 

Petite Pedi (polish change)- $26.00

Just the basics to freshen up your toes with foot soak,nipping or filing, cuticle push, polish and cuticle oil.  No callous work, foot scrub or massage.

Foot Reflexology - $29.00

Want a longer foot massage? Pamper yourself. Add this reflexology foot massage to any of our pedicures. 

Marine Spa Pedicure - from $50

A Seascape Spa Pedicure with extra callous treatment serum & tingling mint foot mask to refresh tired toes. Full nail care, polish and massage.  

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